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[C] Tea-Why by Poifish
[C] Tea-Why
Design commission for :icontea-why:
The character is the precious sweetheart she's using in :iconabamenko:
   Abamenko: Shura by Poifish
Abamenko: Shura

I'm really sorry. I'm rushing this information. Oh my gosh. Please forgive my mistakes. Chirstmas time is stressful.

[ Basic Information ]

Name: Shura 
Nickname: Shu, Rara, and Uru. 
Date of Birth: March 2nd
Age: 29
Gender:  Male
Humanoid Height: 6'3"
Humanoid Weight: 208 lbs

[ Beast Information ]
Beast Clan: Deer Clan
Species: Rocky Mountain Elk //
Cervus canadensis nelsoni
Rank: Hunter / Warrior 
Feral Height: 7'2"
Feral Weight: 823 lbs
Strengths:                   Weaknesses: 
> Brute Force              > Very Instinctive
> High Endurance        > Overly Protective
> Extremely Patient     > Doesn't Talk Much

Shura tends to behave more like a beast in either shape he holds to. He acts on his instincts as a general rule; The only exception being he is highly patient and won't spring to attack or fight usually. He is only quick to attack in a defensive position. He is much to protective of those smaller than him; espeically of young creatures, plants, and of his 'family'. He can take a lot of pain and push himself past exhaustion in many cases; but he uses his body to fight more often than not. He's often the one who injures himself the most with his methods. He isn't good at communicating with new folk, either. Since he doesn't use words much and instead tries to convey through actions or body language; which not everyone can read. He worries his voice will scare people, or animals. 

[ Personal Information ]
+ | Gentle | Adaptable | Dedicated | Gallant | Honorable | Hard-Working |
- | Enigmatic | Intense | Cautious | Physical | Stubborn | Protective |
Being relatively big and a bit imposing, he's often misunderstood as intimidating or angry; Shura is simply intense in vague ways. Since he speaks only when he must, he uses body language and physical signs to express himself. Such way of communicating is intensive for many and hard to express with others who won't allow touch or who can't read body language. Despite this he is very gentle with people. He doesn't wish harm on those who aren't out to harm him. In this way he also has learned to adapt to suit himself and his companions.  He is dedicated to his family and companions, thus often being stubborn and protective. He likes taking no risks with those he deems family; If that means literally standing in there way or carting them back to safety with brute force then he will do so. 

Shura is instinctive and very much more intune with his animal-half. He isn't the more intelligent creature out-right; This isn't to say that he is in anyway stupid. He is a quick learner and retains information well; he is just simple. He is very-much more brawn and body. He isn't one to argue with people because of this, but when he is stubborn, he'll physically stand his ground and try to get his point across. Such a thing isn't a common occurance generally; He's more willing to follow along and react when needed. He's also very hard-working. He'll push himself to his limits for others. He delikes killing and the death of things. He delikes lies and the trouble it brings with it. This makes him honest and honorable. He'll keep his promises. Even put his life on the line for people he doesn't know well. He'll throw himself into the line of fire for people in brave and stubborn ways. He'd rather die trying than not doing. 

All together it makes up a sort of complicated and gentle beast. 

> Nature
> Running/Movement
> Affection / Physical contact

> Silence
> Disciete / Disrespect
> Injured Companions or Family
History: Shura is the only son of two common elk. To him his mother and father were the best role models he could have. From them he inherited his mother's gentle and instinctive nature and his father's protective and hard-working nature. On his own he developed a love for wandering; For exploration. In order to keep him safe, his parents taught him what they could about defending himself, reading the land, and listening to what his instincts had to say to him. He spent more time exploring and learning the land than he did with people. The only constant person in his life besides his parents was someone he considered his sister. A little doe, Inessa; He played guardian for her at the request of his father.  He led her around and kept his eyes on her. She was his precious little sister and he wouldn't let her wander far on her own. As he got older he started learning how to become a hunter and a warrior. Someone to depend on. A guardian in his own mind. He wanted to help and protect the forests and creatures he loved, and to have the skills and knowledge to protect his family. He left the home of his parents with Inessa, but they live on. His father's greatest wish for him was to make his own way and make his own family. 

[ Relationship Information ] (Optional)
Orientation: Demiromantic / Sexuality Unknown
Status: Single
Significant Other: None
Current Attraction[s]: None
Interests: Strength of character is important. Someone who is worthy of respect. Otherwise unknown. 

Family: Mother and Father, Adopted Little Sister; Inessa. 
[ Inessa | Female]: "Adopted little sister and family. Won't let anything or anyone harm her. Easiest way to make him mad it to try to harm her."

[ Additional Information ]
- Shows high respect to elders and leaders.
- He isn't a dominanting person. 
- Can and will sit still in one place just listening to the wind and creatures.
- Doesn't always understand personal space/boundries. 

RP Style: Primarity Lit. Para or Lit. Script 
Chat, Notes, Skype [Sickly-Sweet-Poison]
[c] Lastaim by Poifish
[c] Lastaim
Full Body, Flat colored commission for Lastaim da and Tumblr
Character belongs to her.
Commissions are still open. 
Price Sheet by Poifish
Price Sheet
Commissions are Open

Please fill out the form below when ordering.
Send a note or email me at honnertc[at]

Username; Username for the site you wish, or if you want to remain anonymous.
Paypal E-Mail; So I may confirm payment and keep track of it.
Style; Chibis, Sketch, Flat Color, or Full Color
Size; Bust, Waist-Up, Full Body (Chibis are always full bodied.)
References; Pictures please. I don't take commissions from descriptions, I'm really bad at it.
Description; Description of character details, personality, traits that you'd like portrayed.
Details/Specifics; Extra details you want included or added. Note that certain things might fall under the detail fee.
Total; $$$


- Please be patient and respectful.
- I reserve the right to refund and refuse commissions.
- I offer previews at request.
- I offer partial payments of half in the beginning and half later. Note you will not recieve unwatermarked/good quality until the full payment is made.

- I do NSFW stuff. I'm new to drawing it but I'm willing.  
- I do not do all fetishes. Don't get upset if I don't do your fetish.
- I will not always accept porn/heavy NSFW content.
- Tasteful Nudity is a-okay with me almost all the time though.
- Feel free to comment with questions or note me.


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