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DA: Chance Mendez by Poifish
DA: Chance Mendez
:icondeathsapprentices: :icondeathsapprentices: :icondeathsapprentices:


ID #/ Card: 529086591
Name: Chauncey "Chance" Mendez
HP: ??

THREADCUTTER username: LotusMantis
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Height: 6'8" 
Location: New York
Level of spiritual awareness: 8
Title: Hospital CEO Secretary/Assisstant | Part-Time Law Student

Laid-Back | Highly Intelligent | Hard-Working | Adaptable | Clever | Loyal
Insecure | Guarded | Temperamental | Crude | Dependent | Greedy 

His personality is a bit wishy-washy and depends heavily on his state of mind/being at the time. If he's on drugs, had enough sleep, or if something has upset the balance of things around him. He can be easily provoked with certain things that play on his dependency and insecurities. Generally speaking, though, Chance is usually open and kind and shows more empathy or moral code than some other Hunters. He's adaptable and has the capacity to be friendly unless upset; but despite it all he's completely loyal to Clement. 

Nah, son. 

- Blind as a bat without his glasses; Extremely near-sighted
- Tattoo on his hand is the alchemical symbol for 'Arsenic'
- Has two back tattoos; White-ink angel wings and a lotus in the center of his back. 
- Heavy smoker.
- Slight dependence on prescription drugs. 
- In love with Clement. 

Skype (Sickly-Sweet-Poison) | dA Chatrooms | dA Notes 

Stats: 13/16
Strength; 2 | Keeps himself physically fit. Gym, Self defense training, and physical labor.
Dexterity; 2 | Gym and self-defense training. 
Constitution; 3 | Long hours and abuse makes for good endurance. 
Inteligence; 5 | Graduated Medical School, part-time Law Student. 
Wisdom; 0 | Some would say he isn't that wise and has a tendency to be reckless or make poor choices, but he considers himself of average wisdom. 
Charisma; 1 | Sly, and cunning. Good with words when he wants to be. Very laid back and approachable when he's not sleep deprieved or pissed. 
Death's Apprentince: Baldric Lumbard + Little Sev by Poifish
Death's Apprentince: Baldric Lumbard + Little Sev
:icondeathsapprentices: :icondeathsapprentices: :icondeathsapprentices:

Biography under construction

ID #/ Card: 525333092
Name: Baldric Lumbard
       Dog: Little Sev | TG (Tough Guy) 

HP: 18
THREADCUTTER username: Lion 
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Height: 5'4" | 163 cm
Location: New York
Level of spiritual awareness: 10
Title: Stargazer Cafe Owner | Human Leader


+ Compasionate | Adaptable | Understanding | Enthusiastic | Faithful | Honest
- Adrupt | Blunt | Clumsy | Vindictive | Possessive | Vicious Temper
= Absentminded/Slow | Mellow | Stern | Whimsical

Generally speaking, Baldric is very mellow and will stay in a slow and easy personality. His temper is easy to come out if you step on what he loves or cross the boundries of what he finds right. As absentminded and mellow as he is, the man has a scary temper. It's highly suggested to stay on his good side. Be that as it may, he finds it hard to hate most people and it takes a special kind of person or effort to really get on and stay on his badside. 

Bio: TBA


- Animals
- Flowers
- Curious folk, young and old
- People who show passion and interest in things they love
- His family
- Sweets
- Sunshine
- Stars

- Clement
- People who injure animals
- People who fight or wreck his shop
- People who cause too many problems
- Insulting his family/loved ones
- Messing with the fate/threads of people willy-nilly
- Having to fight
- His stutter
- Speaking too loudly

- Has Dyspraxia and Sensory Disorder
- Has studied Muay Thai, Kara-Ho Kempo, Judo, and Aikido.
- Knows a decent amount about guns, not comfortable using them.
- Afraid of silence.
- Married to a Fallen named Severino. 
- Little Sev is his service dog.

Skype (Sickly-Sweet-Poison | dA Chatrooms | dA Notes 

Stats: 18 
Strength; 6 | Trained extensively in self defense, offensive fighting, and spent most of his life under rigerous training and heavy lifting despite his disability.
Dexterity; 2 | Despite his training he is fluid but not too dexterous. He can dodge decently and string together moves but he lacks total grace and truely nimble movements because of his Dyspraxia.
Constitution; 8 | Suffered hard training, long hours, and physical abuse from his parents. His sensory disorder also gives him a high tolerance for painful sensations. 
Inteligence; 0 | Average Intellect. He's a bit slow but means well. 
Wisdom; 1 | He's been through a lot and has a decent amount of wisdom and instict for situations. 
Charisma; 1 | He can command presense when absolutely needed but he dislikes public speaking or speaking loudly so he's not the very best at it. 

[C] MythicFables by Poifish
[C] MythicFables
Ayyyyy. Censored version of this is all I'm gonna post. YCH commission for MythicFables on FA.


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